Nasimi Aydeniz who started his business in order to fill the gap in the sector in 1987, with a new corporate restructuring in 1996 continues its business in the sector as Aydeniz Dorse which operates without compromising from its qualified service understanding from the first day till now, increases its success graph day by day and earned you, our valuable customer’s trust.

Recently our company which manufactures all across Turkey, precipitates its studies to have an ambitious situation in foreign market. Aydeniz which manufactures bulk trailer with canvas and dump with its specialist staff in its field; produces tailored appropriate trailer types and have developed its range continuously.

Always being that success never depends on coincidences, all our products are certified with TSE manufacturing sufficiency and ISO 9001 quality management certificates. Meanwhile as we provide guarantee for our products for one year period, it provided us to earn our customers rightful trust. With power and confidence that we get from you, we are in an effort to work and to do best for continuous growing as we did in yesterday and we will do tomorrow.