• Single spare wheel place 
  • 1 piece of team cabined 
  • 1 piece bicycle guardrail
  • 1 piece of wedge and wedge place 
  • 30 liters water tank
  • Food cabined
  • Dashboard for each wheel 
  • Lifting bumper
  • Front shaft lifting
  • Fire extinguishing cabined 
  • Rear shaft lifting
  • Double spare wheels place

CHASSIS: It is designed according International transportation norms for carrying under full load and in all ground conditions without 
problem. Overloading was considered in strength calculations. It is high strength chassis which is constructed from two bodies having “I” 
SHAFT: each has 3x10 tons carrying capacity.
AIR SUSPENSION: Suspension consists of airbags, limiter level valve, ramp arm, ‘Ming coil, parabolic Z springs, shock absorber elements 
limiting shaff over movement,
FRONT SHAFT LIFTING: Front shaff ‘Ming lowering system inside cabinet
TYRE: 385/65 R 22,5 size 6+1 pieces tubeless tyre
FOOT: Each having 25 tons capacity, double speed, mechanical foot
BRAKE: Used brake components are in EU standard and designed from WABCO trademark products.
AIR EQUIPMENT: Air which is required for air suspension, front shaff liffing, brake circuit and EBS circuit is used from air tank. Hoses that 
are used in this installation are polyamide, and are durable against air pressure.
KING-PIN: 2” King Pin which is appropriate with SAE DIN norms, and produced from high strength forged steel.
SIZES: Frame length can be manufactured in different sizes which can be maximum 1360 cm, according to usage objective and upon 
request. Frame witdth is out to out 2550m 
COVERS: Side covers can be manufactured from wood, import MDF or special alloyed aluminum. Cover sizes and numbers can be 
manufactured upon request.
ATTACHMENTS : Height size and number can change according to frame height. Attachments are demountable and have hinges.
BASE CHASSIS: Floor grids are mounted with gas metal arc welding by using bended steel sheet which are dense or loose used. Floor 
can be wood or steel sheet.. Floor steel sheet has a thickness of 4-5 mm
USED STEEL SHEET COMPONENTS: All were produced by Eregli Demir Celik and either in st 57 or st 52 grade.
PAINTING: All surface trimming are removed, and atter it is cleaned with chemical liquids precisely, than two fold of painting is 
performed over epoxy lining and than painted with desired stripe