• Single spare wheel place 
  • 1 piece of team cabined 
  • 1 piece bicycle guardrail
  • 1 piece of wedge and wedge place 
  • 30 liters water tank
  • Food cabined
  • Dashboard for each wheel 
  • Lifting bumper
  • Front shaft lifting
  • Fire extinguishing cabined 
  • Rear shaft lifting
  • Double spare wheels place

CHASSIS : It is made with different size dimensions without exceeding the vehicle capacity regardless of the standards.
BODY LENGHT : Width (internal) 2.420mm , (external) 2.550 mm. 
DUMPER BASE CHASSIS : Base sheet thickness  2mm – 3mm – 4 mm (used import steel). Base chassis is producted by import steel 
as box-printed V-chassis or 6-8 mm ST52 from 160 NPUs. (It is used in different mm thickness in terms of tonnage and strength.) 
Intermediate travers are laid with U or 80’s of NPI reinforced with refined spacing.
COVERS : Side covers are producted as 3 or 4 cover and  1,2 mm thickness import steel double lay - single lay.  
Back cover is producted as with 2-way opening.
ADDITIONAL : The chassis of the vehicle is modified according to the damper and double buffer, spare wheel place, water tank 
and dining cabinet are mounted to the back.
TELESCOPIC CYLINDER and HYDROLIC PARTS : Damper movement is performed with 4500 4-stage cold-drawn telescopic cylinder 
that provides 45 ° tilting angle.Hydraulic oil tank has damper, pneumatic control, double speed lowering valve and limit control safety 
valve.The damper transmission and the pump are coupled and the oil tank is mounted between the chassis. 
PAINTING : The damper is painted in the desired colour with a complete epoxy primer and acrylic paint.