• 1 piece of team cabined 
  • 1 piece plastic water tank
  • 1 piece of wedge and wedge place
  • 1 piece fire extinguishing cabined
  • Dashboard for each wheel 
  • Lifting bumper
  • Fire extinguishing cabined 
  • Capacity
  • Upper case features
  • Container lock quantity

CHASSIS : lt is designed according International transportation norms for carrying under fullload and in all ground conditions without 
problem. Overloading was considered in strength calculations. lt is high strength chassis which is constructed from two bodies having 
“”I”” section.
AXLE : 3x10 tons carrying capacity. 
SUSPENSION SYSTEM : Air suspenison system and EBS brake system which designed according to Europe standard.
LOWERING FOOT : 25 tons lifting capacity, double speed mechanical foot system with 50 tons carrying capacity.
TIRES : 385/65 R22,5 6+1 pc.
RIM : 11,75*2250 dimension 6+1 steel. 
KING – PIN : 2” King Pin which is appropriate with SAE DIN norms,and produced from high strength forged steel offers practical 
changeover thanks to manufactured bolt connections.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM : It has 24 V electrical installation according to EU standards. There are multi-compartment taillights on the vehicle 
that contain fog lamp , reversing lamp and 2 electrical sockets and 1 ABS socket. Floor covering; single row sheet metal single row 
checkered sheet is used for working in heavy conditions and there are 8 container locks. 
PAINTING : The vehicle, which is cleaned with water and chemical mixtures, is painted in a special oven according to the desired Ral code 
after the double layer primer is passed through the sandblasting.